Improve Your Recovery and Reduce Risk of Complications

The only accurate weight-bearing monitoring system
through the entire rehabilitation process


Step with confidence

Your weight-bearing rehabilitation program is prescribed by your doctor. Monitor your crutch walking and alert you when too much, or too little, weight is placed on your injured leg.
Every step matters in your recovery. Make sure it’s in the right direction!

Smart Crutch Tips

weight-bearing service

Patient benefits

With controlled partial weight-bearing and expedite recovery up to 8 weeks

Real-time notifications prevent overloading of the leg

Keeping to your WB program, you recover faster

How Smart Crutch Tip Devices Work

Patient adheres to WB program using feedback cues from tips and app. Data is sent to doctor’s phone and PC

Patient adjusts the load on injured leg according to doctor’s instructions

Doctor sets weight bearing (WB) program for duration of patient’s recovery

Doctor monitors how the patient loads the injured leg, addresses patient concerns, and adapts program to patient’s needs

Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

Testimonials & Quotes

Doctor’s Opinion

Orthopedic Trauma Surgery
Chief of Trauma Division in NYU Langone Health
23+ Yrs Experience

“It gives them immediate feedback and teaches them had to weight bear properly and follow up the follows a program that I prescribed gives me feedback”

During Rehabilitation

Patients have difficulty replicating new weight-bearing status restrictions

• Patients tend to load the injured leg 2 times more than required
• 80% of patients are afraid to step
on their feet after surgery and delay a timely rehabilitation
• Patients have difficulty replicating new weight-bearing status restrictions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you clarify what physician is using the product you have?

Regarding the physicians using our product, we have been working with orthopedic surgeons and rehabilitation specialists in several leading healthcare institutions.

Why a device on crutches and not in the shoe?

The idea of attaching Smart Tips to crutches was tested with real patients, and unlike insoles, Smart Crutch Tips are:
–  Always with the patient, even at night, when the patient is barefoot
–  More durable – 3 years of use
–  Available to consumers of any age and shoe size
–  More affordable to implement
–  Fit the reusable model

How is weight-bearing measured?

When walking on crutches, there is a moment during which the healthy leg is completed lifted off the ground and the entire load is distributed between the crutches and the injured leg.
We can determine how much load is placed on the injured limb by subtracting the amount of weight on the crutches from the patient’s body weight. For example: if a patient’s weight is 80 kg and during a step he transferred 60 kg to crutches, then 20kg of pressure was exerted on the injured limb.

How accurate is the data collected from the Smart Crutch device?

The accuracy of Smart Crutch Tips is 98,5%.

What are the minimum and maximum weight-bearing thresholds?

The amount of initial weight bearing can be set from 0% NWB to 50% PWB. The upper threshold for graduated WBAT is 80%.

Smart Crutch Tips can be used with what pathologies and injuries?

The Smart Crutch Tips device can be used by patients recovering from nonsurgical and surgical treatments for hip, thigh, knee, shin, ankle, and foot injuries and pathologies

Are Smart Crutch Tips compatible with canes?

Yes, Canes with diameters from 17 to 30mm. A patients can begin their gait rehabilitation on crutches and switch to a cane for quality gait progression.

Is it FDA-approved?

No, it doesn’t need FDA approval. It’s Medical Device class II, 501 (k) Exempt. It’s FDA registered and has all necessary regulatory approvals for official sales in the US market.

Does insurance cover it?

Yes, it’s covered by insurance. The device usage itself doesn’t cover due to new technology on the market. However, the doctors work is covered. So they can get additional money for device setup and biofeedback patient training and remote Patient monitoring.

Does Smart Crutch Tips have a warranty?

– Yes. We change the devices if anything happens during patient usage.
– Warranty for hospitals – 1 year.
– However, we can provide an expanded warranty for hospitals for up to 3 years.  

Could my patients use Smart Crutch Tips during rain?

Yes, it has protection from dust and water – IP 54. It can be used while rain or snow and operates in temperatures: from 5F to 86F.