Weight-Bearing Tracking Service
The only accurate weight-bearing monitoring system
for crutch walking and gait rehabilitation
How do I figure out 25% weight-bearing
Smart Crutch Tips will help you
How Smart Crutch Tip Devices Work
Patient adheres to WB program using feedback cues from tips and app. Data is sent to doctor's phone and PC
Registration in the app
Walking with crutches
Step analytics
Doctor sets weight bearing (WB) program for duration of patient's recovery
Patient adjusts the load on injured leg according to doctor's instructions
Doctor's Dashboard
Doctor monitors how the patient loads the injured leg, addresses patient concerns, and adapts program to patient's needs
Most orthopedic patients exceed partial weight-bearing recommendations from physicians 27-35%
During lower limb rehabilitation
While safe deviation from a prescribed partial weight-bearing is not more than 5 %
Noncompliance increases the risks of re-injury
Adherence to partial weight-bearing boosts the recovery process because of mechanical loading:
Many patients are afraid to step on their injured or post-surgical leg
Using real-time feedback helps patients adhere to prescribed weight-bearing status
• Enhances collagen maturation and consequently tendon healing
• Prevents muscle atrophy
• Ensures glutamate upregulation and enhanced production of healing metabolite
The use of telehealth and, specifically, patient monitoring device, has grown by almost 20% in 2020
Cost-efficient and time-efficient approach
Why Partner with Us?
Comeback Mobility makes a breakthrough in orthopedics providing new opportunities for telehealth services
Increase patient satisfaction with delivered services
Instant feedback for each step
Real time objective gait data helps direct patient recovery & Protect against unfounded complaints
Optimized work loading of healthcare providers
Decreased rates of hospital readmissions and returning visits due to complications
Deliver health promotion initiatives aimed at: Educating patients about proper weight-bearing
Optimal recovery time
Reduce risk of complications
New income opportunities
Our clients in Ukraine
54 clinics under negotiation

7 clinics have signed an agreement
Ongoing US Trials
89 physiotherapy clinics
5 hospitals
Our clients in Ukraine
54 clinics under negotiation

7 clinics have signed an agreement
Our clients in Ukraine
54 clinics under negotiation
7 clinics have signed an agreement
Smart Crutch Tips System

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Weight-bearing tracking service to control the load on the injured leg during rehabilitation
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