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Crutch Walking and Weight-bearing status

Crutches are often required for successful rehabilitation after an injury or surgery to the lower extremity. Walking with crutches helps protect the involved leg, improves balance, and ensures a steady posture while walking. Crutches increase a person’s independence and self-efficacy during a time of loss of mobility. It is important to learn how to use crutches properly to realize these benefits.


Telehealth for physical therapy. Benefits, Platforms & Solutions

Due to the rapid expansion of the digital industry and the growth of the nurse technology sector, telehealth and telemedicine for physical therapy are utilized far more frequently now than in former years. Furthermore, the Covid -19 pandemic has created a huge demand for implementing telehealth physical therapy in order to keep patients safe and healthy. This article highlights the pros of telemedicine for physical therapy and discusses the algorithms and procedures of remote patient monitoring.

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