The Future of Rehabilitation is Now
with Smart Crutch Tips
Step softer!
Android / IOS application
We create tools to optimize a patient's rehabilitation success. Our Crutch Tip Devices make the recovery process safe and transparent for both doctor and patient
At ComeBack Mobility, we know that proper rehabilitation is the key to a successful recovery from an injury or surgery
We believe our Crutch Tip Devices will raise the rehabilitation industry to a whole new level
The future of rehabilitation is Now!
Ilya Popov
  • 7th product
  • MBA - Cyprus
  • Product Management - US-CA
  • Launched products to 36 countries
Elizaveta Voronkova
  • 9th hardware product
  • Stanford Alchemist Accelerator
  • FCC, launched medical products to the markets of Japan and the USA
Savienkov Dmytro
  • 8 completed Software Projects
  • Project Management Professional
  • Serial Entrepreneur
Sergey Berezhnoy
  • 12+ years of leading software development projects
  • Released more than 40 projects in multiple domains
  • Scaling from 6k to 3M daily users
Partners and Mentors
Peter Chernyshov
Investor in several startups
Top Ukrainian C-level Manager by EY & Forbes
Ex-President of Kyivstar and Carlsberg Ukraine
Leader of the Ukrainian pharmaceutical market
The largest exporter of medicinal products since 2010
Frederic Delfosse
Angel Investor
Investor in several start-ups
Serial entrepreneur
Alexander Galuzinsky
Operating doctor of highest category, specializing in traumatology and orthopedics
More than 200 operations per year. AO Trauma member
Dmitry Tomchuk
Serial entrepreneur
Angel Investor in several med tech startups
Alexander Krivoruchko
Serial Angel Investor
Head of the Wagon Owners Association
Myron Jarosewich
Global Supply Chain Executive
Energetic leader and change agent. With over 15 years of experience
Zoriana Zobniw
Sports Med & Orthopedics
Empower, Advocate for patients
Experienced Crutch Walker
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Smart Crutch Tips to control the load on the injured leg during rehabilitation
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