Smart tips for crutches

Protect your work and patient by monitoring rehabilitation

How does it work

  1. When a patient walks, the smart crutch tips send data about the load on the injured leg and the number of steps taken to the patient’s mobile phone.

  2. The data is compared with the rehabilitation program. As a result, the patient gets recommendations about what force to apply to the injured leg and is asked to evaluate the level of pain. 

  3. The doctor monitors the patient’s gradual increase in load alongside the patient’s pain level and adjusts the recommended load accordingly.

Key advantages for doctors

$20 – CIS and $50 – US
Per patient per month

Automated rehabilitation control

Proof of the patient’s rehabilitation process

* with 20 patients

What experts say

There is still no single approach in modern rehabilitation to planning when to apply a certain type of load.

Oleg Nehanevich
Doctor of Medical Sciences

The mutual interest of both doctors and patients that the load is being applied in a timely and mastered manner

Goreglyad Aleksey 
Orthopedic traumatologist, Head of Traumatology department, MD

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  • Angel Investor, Adviser
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  • Top Ukrainian C-level Manager by EY & Forbes 
  • Leader of the Ukrainian pharmaceutical market
  • The largest exporter of medical products since 2010
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  • Serial entrepreneur
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  • Doctor of medical science
  • Head of the department of Physical Rehabilitation
  • 82 scientific publications

Clinical trials


Patient’s comment
Without a dosed load I was afraid to walk and I’ve lost a lot of weight in my leg. I like that my rehabilitation is being consummated by a doctor.



Doctor’s comment
I like your devices. Ideal for patients who require a dosed load without causing instability of the metal structure. This novelty is really helpful, let’s work!


Patient’s comment
Without the apparatus, leg was constantly sore and swollen. When I started walking on crutches with smart nozzles, the pain went away. Before using them, I didn’t believe it was important, but after – I understood the importance of the product. A genuine thing, I recommend it 100%.
Doctor’s comment
Super product! Suitable for patients diagnosed with contusions to severe surgery. Unfortunately, the number of such patients is increasing. When I get the weekly reports, I see that the patient is being properly rehabilitated.

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